I was a weird kid who loved surfing and making movies. Not much has changed.

It all started with creating quirky films with my dad's super 8 camera when I was in junior high. After high school, I worked a restaurant job to pay the rent and traveled the world making surf movies for the action sports industry (with a creative twist that involved comedy and monsters). The shoestring budget films of my youth eventually lead to more "official" productions, where I honed my skills and made life-long friends I still work with today. Documentary filmmaking is what really hooked me in the end. My passion is to tell honest stories that matter and inspire change, and creating high quality work for all my clients regardless of the purpose of flavor.

Okay, here's where I shine my ego, but you're supposed to do that on your website...

My Strengths:

Clear communication

Attention to detail




Clients include...




Red Bull


Burton Snowboards

Academy of Country Music

Let's make something awesome together.

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